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Senkerik Fire Protection: Inspections, Certificates & Equipment

Senkerik Fire Protection wants security for your commercial or industrial property in the Niagara Peninsula and surrounding area. Follow the fire laws that help keep your residents safe in their apartments. Protect your customers, employees and equipment with a fire protection system. Fire Inspection Services helps you save lives and valuables from fire in a variety of settings, including

•  Condos & apartment buildings

•  Hotels & motels

•  Management companies & private businesses

•  Commercial properties

•  Industrial facilities & factories

Inspections & Installations from Certified Specialists

When it comes to fire protection, have every product and system you need in perfect working condition. Senkerik Fire Protection in Niagara Falls helps keep our clients safe by bringing their properties up to code and testing to determine that your existing fire protection systems function correctly. Call our fully certified staff for the best in fire safety services, including

•  Fire safety inspections

•  Fire safety certification

•  Fire protection equipment installation

Free Estimates, Repairs and 24-Hour Emergency Service

Make sure your fire protection equipment, including emergency lighting, sprinklers and alarms work when you need them most. Professional, reliable and fully certified, Senkerik Fire Protection repairs all brands of fire protection products. Call for an appointment and free estimate. Senkerik responds quickly when you need us unexpectedly. Call us for repairs and emergency services 24 hours day, even on weekends.

Promotions and Special Offers

•  Complete fire protection services

•  Free estimates

•  24-hour emergency service

Professional Affiliations


•  Fire protection inspections

•  Kitchen Suppression Systems

•  Fire extinguishers

•  Fire alarms

•  Equipment

•  Sprinklers

Safety is Senkerik Fire Protection's Only Job
Best Products - Only the most respected manufacturers
Our Mission - Keeping Niagara businesses safe
Call Us 24/7 - When you need Emergency Service

Contact Us Today

Unit 4 5743 Thorold Stone Rd.
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2J 1A2

main        905-357-4909


Opening Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Call for 24-hour emergency service.

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